Frozen Games

Frozen tell a story,It is about a winter the spell make the kingdom permanently covered with ice and snow.Frozen girl Anna and Kristoff go to save her sister Frozen Elsa start the adventure. Elundaier has two kids Elsa and Anna.At the first,Frozen Elsa is sleeping and her little sister Anna asked her to play with a snow man,then Elsa awake. So that,Elsa have the ability to control snow and ice,which gives the sisters lots of fun every day.Elsa will turn into a skating rink hall,according to Anna looks for her snowman Olaf,the sisters played with the snowman Olaf the whole day.Unfortunately,once Elsa hit Ann with her magic careless and that made Anna syncope,Elsa crying and do not know what to do.The King heard about that so take the sisters come to find fairy Pabbie and Pabbie cured Anna.

In order to make sure that Elsa will never hurt Anna again,the King separated Elsa and Anna,Anna do not know what happened and confuse that the beloved sister Elsa shut herself.Anna tried to coax her out to play the day after day in the door but had not responded,Anna singing songs of joy but lonely ,she grew up alone in the castle.For the other hand.Elsa was scared to hurt others agian and she become more closer.

The day Anna and Elsa grow into girls,but the king and queen died in a shipwreck,but the girls are not attend the funeral.Anna begging her to open the door outside the room and finally only sit and sing the song,”Do you want a snowman.”On the other side of the door,Elsa is listening to her sister Anna voice struggling constantly.Uncontrolled sobbing in pain curled.Three years later,Elsa imminent coronation as queen.The coronation Day,Frozen Anna rejoice that they can contact with the outside world,simply fantasy meet the man and true friend,she try to change her world.Elsa gingerly treading on thin ice,fear of being discovered.Anna encounters meet Hans Prince from the south island.they sprouted another in favor.Witness the coronation ceremony was held in a smooth way.Elsa is initiative and she come to speak with her sister.But Elsa can not do that,she leave away but Anna did not find the complex gaze of Elsa.

Duke Weston wantonly spread the speech said that Elsa is a monster,Anna stopped him severely and said that is her fault.In order to save Alundaier Anna give the power to prince Hans temporarily then she decided to recover her sister Elsa from mountains alone. In the snow-capped top,Elsa decided to put aside the demons away from her world,built ground forces of heaven and earth through her power,she is pleased to embrace freedom. Anna come to find her sister Elsa,on the way to she met trafficking Iceman Kristoff and his intimate partner reindeer Sven.From his mouth that Anna know he comes from storm northern,she asked him to take with her,they ride a reindeer after numerous hardships to reach Kitayama,what is wait for them is crazy snowstorm.

For kids love the character Anna and Frozen,we collect many frozen games,the clever sister Elsa Games,the lovely small sister Anna Games and their parent Olaf Games.Please come back because we update everyday and all games for free.